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Liam "Lion Affiliate"


Coach, Affiliate Marketer & Mental Wellbeing Specialist

Hello everyone my name is Liam and I am the founder and creator of Lion Affiliate with the core values of Trust. Respect and Honesty

The name Lion Affiliate comes from being a Leo star sign and one of the animals on the Scottish crests is the Lion Rampant (oh yeah I'm Scottish...FREEDOM)


So who am I to you then??

Well I have over 15 years of experience offline as a coach, mentor and tutor crossing various professions. The most recent of those professions involves high pressured situations where I have been responsible for lives of many people whilst guiding new prospects on how to do the same. During that role I also developed exceptional relationship skills that has led to me being subjected to intense pressure where my choice of words and empathy are key.


Now lets move away from the doom and gloom and explain how that can help you because that's why you are here. You are looking for help.

I will be using all my previous skills and my skills learned from being an affiliate marketer to teach you and others how to be successful, to strengthen your mind and overcome any obstacle.

With me on your side you are unstopable and never alone, and my students will confirm that

Chelsie Marie Epps

Liam is a fantastic coach! He found me when I was stuck on what to do next and had lost my motivation. He's great at pinpointing where you need to focus more and planning out a game plan. 10/10 recommend him. His easygoing personality makes him easy to talk to and connect with.

Ben Maloney

I wouldn't be where I am now without the help of Liam Arthur and the Lion Affiliate community. The value is unbelievable and excellent quality and his approach to teaching is remarkable. I look forward to working more with Liam in the coming months, a true legend!

Ally Bell

Liam you are honestly the best coach and teacher I have met. I would not be where I am without you by my side coaching me and pushing me to keep going. I never would have made a high ticket sale if it weren’t for you. The value you bring to everyone you come into contact with is out of this world. Of all the people I’ve met on this journey, your the only one who actually cares about others succeeding, not just making a sale. I’m so thankful we’ve crossed pathed and connected and I’m so excited to see where you go on your amazing journey!

Jamie Gardiner

(7 Figure Marketer, Co-Founder of Super Affiliate Accelerator, Founder of Ultimate Marketing Mastermind)

Liam is an absolute machine and it's an honour to work with him and see his business take off! Liam and I connected a while back and he had informed me of his goals relating to affiliate marketing. They were ambitious, but I sensed he wasn't the type to take things lying down, so I had faith he would do well.


Once he jumped into one of my masterclasses, the penny dropped for him and he understood what he was meant to be do. The sales started flowing and within a short period he had upgraded to my coaching. This is where rubber hit the road and things really took off. In less than 36 hours after joining he acquired his first high ticket sale. This was repeated multiple times in the coming weeks and when I stopped to take a tally it dawned on me that he'd achieved something very impressive. Over 52 sales in less than 5 weeks since starting with me. The cool thing about Liam is it wasn't just his results that began to pile up. He was able to extend his depth of knowledge to those around him and pretty soon he was able to help his students make sales.


If you get the chance to align yourself with Liam, I would jump at the opportunity with both hands. You will see your results blow up in no time. I can't wait to see what the future brings for you!